Welcome to the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network

We invite you to learn more about our network, our partners, and our congresses.

The European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) was initiated in 1999 to facilitate contacts and increase cooperation among intellectual property institutions and students in Europe. EIPIN aims to expose students to top-quality research and outstanding international experts.

The EIPIN partners are diverse but nevertheless share important characteristics, most importantly, a passion for intellectual property. The annual EIPIN Congress, which consists of one doctoral meeting and two, three-day scientific conferences, offers the students of the individual programs the opportunity to convene and to discuss current intellectual property issues with international experts and one another.

Student participation and networking is at the heart of the EIPIN experience. Each EIPIN conference is a gathering place where students critically analyse, discuss and debate the pressing IP issues of our time. Due to the small number of participants, all students actively contribute to discussions by preparing questions as teams. These teams, each comprised of students from all partner programs to enhance networking, are furthermore tasked with drafting a research report on a topic relating to the conference theme.

The Congresses are also the venue for doctoral meetings, allowing selected Ph.D. students to present their IP research to an international body of experts.




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